Dissection Camp


Dissection Camp

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Want to understand the organ systems of a complex living thing? Or solve the mystery of what it might’ve eaten for dinner? Dissection Camp will allow you just that! Learn about ecology, evolution and its impact on the wider world. We’ll be delving into frogs/worms, sea creatures, a pluck (sheep heart and lungs) and a pig - so choose your session wisely!

This camp is for age 7+ and encourages students to engage with their adult chaperone on a scientific level and is not a drop-off event.

Sunday, June 2 - 6PM - Frog & Worm

Monday, June 10 - 6PM - Sea Creature

Sunday, June 16 - 6PM - Pluck

Monday, June 24 - 6PM - Pig (not recommended for first-time dissectors)

*3 campers per adult chaperone, please.

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