In appreciation to those who stepped forward first to help make this dream a reality. 



Tomberlain Family

Lisa Yarbrough/Elaine Campbell

Chase and Michelle Bullard

Ashley and Phillip Green

Susan and Mark Mincey

Jon and Katie Hopkins

Karen and Kurt Ritch

Jim and Elizabeth Lockhart

Michelle and Jake Norris

Judy and Don Raiford

Linda and John Livingston

Jordan Jackson/Emily Lindsey

Jerry Martin/Meagan Ramirez

Kenneth and Rebecca Fabre

Becky and Frank Supercinski

Jenny and Scott Austin

Karen and CV Dickson

Jennifer and David Applegate

Janice and Terry Petree

Darren and Niki Groce

James and Janel Walker

John and Marissa Martin

Jaclyn and Clay Abernathy

Mike and Gail Martin

Ranjit Kodali

Tracy and Karl Foster

Laurie Brown

Meredith Todd

Nancy Elswick

Mary and Carroll Greenwaldt

Daphne and Blake Scott

Marolen and Tom Mitchell

Martha and Brad Blalock

Tom Reardon

Natalie and S.M. Rabicoff

Jaclyn and Linda Wood

Kim and John Spencer

Benjamin and Jackie Shepherd

Audrey and Justia Taylor

Monica and Ken Flory

Joyce and Bruce Scoggins

Janis Canion

Karen and Tom Tutt

Jann and Stephen Butler

Rachael and Patrick Hilchey

Wallis Dermatology

Amber Lewis/Kristi Hunt

Ashley and Trevor Yates

Longview Temple

Sheryl Phillips/Meredith Ramos

James and Ann Hugman

Bonnie and Steven Mason

Kimberly and Alexander Ball

Tana and Lance Sandel

Jolene Bridges/Kaci Smith

Pauline and Gary Green

Regina and William Shafer

Barbara Croxton

Lori and Robbie Floyd

Brandy and Chad Armstrong

Thomas and Lilia Anderson

Joanna and Rae Burrows

Mike Cherry

Brent and Allison DeForest

Erik and Brianna Dunham

Brad and Vicki Echols

Scott Elswick

Scott Gibson

Andrew and  Kim Gonzales

Paul and Gwen Guidroz

Ralph and Fran Guidroz

Shawn and Bethany Hara

Brittany and Nathan Harper

Jason and Susan Jones

Brad and Kandie Korando

Aaron and Lynsey Lack

Ti and John Laster

Carol Lee / Stacy Pevey

Michelle and Bryan McCaskill

Beverly McMichael / Susan McDaniel

Kristopher and Rebekkah Mitchell

Amy and Michael Northcutt

Daniel and Lauren Ostendorff

Ryan and Carrie Pevey

Diane and Steve Rogers

Paulette Rogers / Jennifer Hopson

Lee and Mindy Stephens

Wiley and Judy Thomas

Justin and Sarah Ward

Vance and Jennifer Ware

Becky Williams

Jeff and Katie Wilson

David and Taylor Witt

Scott and Rachel Zhorne

Tom and Laura Leahy

Hazel Howell / Erica McWilliams

Nathan and Brittany Harper






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