"Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day, unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear."

–Author Unknown







Leonard Veazey

Karen and Tom Tutt


Aleah Holcomb



Max Statman



EJ and Martha Wright



Mary Thomas



Vivian (Bunnie) Reed

Larry and Susan Elms

Lee and Anne Lynch

PEO Sisterhood Chapter HZ

Jo Lee Ferguson

Rhonda Bullard

Nancy Elswick

Lisa Yarbrough

Karen Tutt

Dr. Yoni Adonyi

Janice Petree

Elaine Campbell

Kelly Steele

Karen Ritch


Katie Eager

Larry and Glenda Burt


Jeremy Cotham

Karen and Tom Tutt


Ann Lacy Crain

Susan Mincey

Becky Supercinski

Karen Ritch

Terry Turpin

Elaine Campbell

Nancy Elswick

Mary Greenwaldt

Karen Tutt

Janice Petree

Lisa Yarbrough


Susan Peyton Van Burkleo

Mary Greenwaldt


James Knox

Karen and Tom Tutt


Dr. David Brown

Caryn Pepper

Don & Linda Crawford

Terry Turpin

Richard & Bonnie Dial

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Wallis

Bruce A. Smith

David & Sue Hayes

Bruce & Mimi Cammack

Hugman Architecture

Ms. Ellen Gordon

Lisa Yarbrough

Elaine Campbell

Michelle Norris

David & Dixie Stevenson

Longview Rotary Club

Sally & Russ Brown                                              Robert Patton

Janice Petree

Jake Rankin

Ann C. Tibiletti

Rhonda Bullard

Eric & Sandra Skoog

Barbara J. Pugh

Richard & Ann Werline

Mrs. Eleanor Heinz

Brenda Hightower Butler

Darren & Niki Groce

Dr. and Mrs. Ray Scardina

Dr. & Mrs. John Kirk

Pam Rice

Dr. & Mrs. Charles Williams

Dean & Lynda Woodward

George & Martha Joseph

Dr. & Mrs. Frank Jackson, Jr. Nancy Elswick

Karen Ritch

Mary Greenwaldt

Vickie Echols

Dr. and Mrs. John Hall

Doice & Beth Grant Family

Melton Fish

Peter & Elena Frenkel

Kellyn R. Drayer

.D. Ballenger

Dr. and Mrs. John Ferrell

J. Robert Maney                       

Debbie & Evan Shelan

Jean Grant                      

Robert & Micki Maly

Ed & Sue Patton                        

Bianca Tanuyan

Dulce Campins

Rex & Latricia Nichols

Susan Mincey

Dr. and Mrs. Henry Gor

Calvin & Sheila Hargrave

Oleum Operating Co.

The Greenburg Family Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Merritt, Jr.

Glenn & Sara McCutchen

Glenn & Annette Moore

Mark & Janet Boon

Becky Supercinski

Drs. Alex & Todd Waltrip

Richard & Andee Lucas

Lou Anne Hughes

Dr. Byron R. Wadley

Mr. & Mrs. David Patton

Karen Tutt

Dr. Yoni Adonyi

Drs. John & Lottie Guttry

Rodney & Renee Nolen

Marion Mack

James & Druellen Kolker

Ashley Forbes

Carol Bornstein

Michael Maxwell

Pete Rung

Steve Altmiller

Patricia Florence

Cindy Johnson

James & Nancy Sawyer

Janet & Ronnie Horsley

Texas Bank & Trust

The Mark Camp Family

LeAnn Dimarzo

Dr. & Mrs. Craig King

Hank & Lisa Smith

Linda & Bob Brown

Dr. Karen Roberts & Dr. James Repasky

Behavioral Hospital of Longview

Community Healthcore Child and Adolescent Team

Members of the Family Bridge Coalition

Faculty and Students at The University of Texas at Tyler -                              Longview Center College of Nursing



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